Totem place

The Campus of Professions and Qualifications of the Energy Transition will build with its academic, university and industrial partners the TOTEM place of the Campus:



This TOTEM place will be composed of two complementary structures

A positive energy building

It will be the heart of the TOTEM venue and will concentrate digital technologies dedicated to management and control systems for multi-energy flows.

“Smart Grid”.

It will be a place of reception and training, as well as a space for discussion and construction of future professions in the energy transition.


A feasibility demonstrator for renewable energy solutions

This scale-1 technological platform will combine technologies for the production, storage, transformation and distribution of renewable energies, constituting the Smart Grid. Whatever the scale of intervention (technological bricks or energy system), this complex system will be dedicated to training, research and development of innovations in the field of energy transition.

This TOTEM location will offer the range of services essential to develop the skills necessary for all sectors of the energy transition.

An educational tool dedicated to training

Whether for initial or continuing training, MOSAHYC will train learners in renewable energy technologies and digital tools dedicated to the management of smart energy networks Smart Grid. At the “system” level, it will complement the resources available from CMQ partners.

A technological platform conducive to innovation

Not being dependent on usage, MOSAHYC will allow CMQ partners to intervene at any time on the constituent parts of the demonstrator, in order to test, develop and consolidate the innovations that they will implement.

A space for exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills

Gathered in the same TOTEM location, the CMQ’s partners will be able to exchange and pool the knowledge acquired on the management of complex systems of renewable energy solutions and together build the professions of tomorrow, essential to the energy transitions of the territories.

A digital space

At the heart of tomorrow’s Smart Grids, AI and Big data will be the cornerstone of MOSAHYC’s digital system. Engineers and researchers involved in these themes will find on MOSAHYC the tools necessary to develop the IoT solutions essential to the management, control and maintenance of complex energy systems.

A tool to help with territorial decision-making

The decentralization of energy production will lead each territory to put in place innovative and sustainable energy management solutions. Through its training, research and development themes, MOSAHYC will be the ideal place where, via CMQ partners, territorial institutional players will find advice and solutions to size and deploy their management solutions for complex energy systems.

A scale 1 demonstrator of the energy systems of tomorrow

The TOTEM place will also be a place of reception of the inhabitants of the territory in order to present to them the future of the energy systems and to support them in their change of behavior “consumer” towards “consum’actor”, with a view to a precise and sober management. Energy.

A TOTEM place embodying the spirit of the CMQ

The energy transition affects all areas and requires a common and shared vision of the challenges that await us all! Thanks to this TOTEM place, learners working on MOSAHYC will be immersed in the spirit of the campus: energy transition and sustainable development!