Primes is a call for projects that supports and strengthens the research and technological development necessary for innovation and competitiveness in the fields of energy conversion (power electronics) and energy management.

The PRIMES platform has been working since 2001 in the field of power electronics and energy management to meet the needs of the transport (rail, aeronautics, etc.) and energy (photovoltaic, wind power, etc.) industries. .) by bringing together academic and industrial players in the same place to promote innovation in terms of energy efficiency of power converters.

This platform therefore constitutes a place of technological collaboration that brings together companies in the field. These companies are made up of contractors (ALSTOM and SAFRAN), SMEs (CISSOÏD, CIRTEM, ISP System …) and startups (DEEP CONCEPT, APSI3D …) grouped together in association law 1901 hosted on the platform and other partners such as CEA Tech and IRT Saint-Exupéry.

Within this ecosystem, one observation is glaring: manufacturers located in France are very dependent on historical European or global suppliers (Japanese, German, American, Chinese), in particular at the level of power semiconductors, associated modules. and, in general, energy management systems.

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