Lycée Paul Mathou

At the heart of Comminges (South Haute-Garonne) in the Pyrenees, the LPO Paul Mathou welcomes more than 800 students including 150 interns from various backgrounds to follow professional, technological and general courses.

The LPO Paul Mathou offers training in the third profession preparation through the CAP, the professional, technological and general BAC to the BTS.

We train young people in the fields of thermal engineering, electricity, electrical engineering, maintenance of industrial equipment, auto mechanics, bodywork repair and painting, public works. Thanks to the ERASMUS + programs, our students can do their internship abroad (Finland, Ireland, Spain).

A third vocational preparation helps college students build their career plan.

We also offer the general Bac with specialties courses and in particular the two rare EdS which are the EdS Engineering Sciences and the Digital EdS and Computer Sciences.

Our students can also choose the STI2D or STL technological baccalaureate. The STI2D bac is aimed at young people who are interested in technological innovation while respecting the environment and who are sensitive to a concrete approach to science teaching.

The STL baccalaureate is particularly suitable for students who have a strong taste for physical and chemical sciences, manipulations and the experimental approach in the laboratory.

We offer two BTS Public Works and Economic Management of construction.

The aeronautical initiation certificate, the Erasmus project, the home, the sports association, apprenticeship, continuing education are possibilities offered by our establishment.

Contact :

Frédéric Deshons

05 61 94 51 00

Address :

29 avenue de Luchon