Lycée Déodat de Séverac

The Déodat de Séverac high school is a public secondary and higher education establishment in the city of Toulouse in Haute-Garonne. It is located on Boulevard Déodat de Séverac in the Croix de Pierre district.

The Déodat de Séverac high school offers young people the opportunity to follow a vocational, general and technological course leading them to the Bac; it also allows students to follow a training course in the higher technician section and in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles. The school has a balanced structure around 27 pre-bac divisions and 27 post-bac divisions. The school welcomes 2,000 students each year for training at all levels of training. More broadly, the school welcomes adults in continuing education and apprentices. The school has a boarding school.

Contact :


05 62 13 17 11

06 79 57 64 65

Address :

26 Boulevard Déodat de Sévérac

31300 Toulouse