Our Design Office supervises photovoltaic projects on new construction or renovation in the agricultural, residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

Our team works from the feasibility study to commissioning. We carry out roof surveys, consumption measurements, electrical calculations and plans, ie all the missions associated with the design & project management of photovoltaic power plants.

Specialized in the photovoltaic sector, our experience covers all types of projects, from ground-based power plants, on roofs, to shade houses.

Our experience in battery and fuel cell based storage allows us to design electrical energy storage systems if necessary.

We intervene for projects in total resale, in total self-consumption or with the surplus resale device. We also have expertise in isolated sites.

Our expertise in modeling and simulation of Smart-Grids allows us to work on innovative demonstrators as a technical design office, prime contractor and integrator of Smart-Grids.

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2 Impasse de la Cartoucherie

65000 TARBES