Biogas sector: anaerobic digestion and NGV fuel (renewable energies and sustainable mobility)

“Ecowgaz, the energy of our territories”

Ecowgaz promotes the creation and development of short biogas channels and their recovery into fuel in bioNGV refueling stations.

Driving clean and cheaper, with renewable fuel produced in a short supply chain, is possible with BioNGV and ecowgaz.

Ecowgaz is developing the production of biogas produced in our territories by agricultural methanization units. It supports its fuel recovery in fueling stations managed with governance shared by stakeholders.

A cooperative brings together biogas producer and user (station manager, transport companies, communities, etc.) to allow exchanges of skills and expertise and to support the creation and development of these short local biogas sectors.

Ecowgaz manages the Ibos GNV station (65) and supports communities and companies wishing to develop the production and use of this clean and economical fuel.

Contact :

Sophie Villard 

06 70 71 28 87

Véronique Haudebourg 

06 81 39 45 43

Address :

10 rue d’Estaubé

65420 Ibos

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