A prototype has arrived at Sixte Vignon high school, near Tarbes

Tuesday March 2, 2020.

This morning, the Campus, with the teaching teams of the Sixte Vignon high school in Aureilhan (65), received a prototype of a provisional customer delivery station designed by the GRDF Occitanie teams. This prototype will give rise to the manufacture by GRDF apprentices of functional workstations which will be supplied to GRDF agencies. The start of a great educational project with operational aims.

Thus, an active collaboration is being set up between the BTS Design of Industrial Products of Lycée Jean Dupuy (preparation of the prototype V1), the BTS FED (Fluides Energies Domotique) and Bac Pro Technicien Gaz of Lycée Sixte Vignon to meet GRDF’s needs. while developing their skills.

This ‘WINNER / WINNER’ collaboration perfectly illustrates the added value that a CMQ can bring to the school-business rapprochement, at the service of our learners.

Case to follow ….